what to expect at the studio

before class

All levels and abilities are welcome to all classes. We want you to enjoy yourself and leave feeling better than when you walked in. We are committed to providing a safe and loving space.

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● Bring a water bottle and yoga mat

● Arrive 10 minutes before your class

once you arrive

Every student is reminded to relax on their mat at any point during class if needed.

● Check in at the front desk

● Drop off your belongings and pick up any props needed for the class

● Tell the instructor of any circumstances that would affect your practice

The studio is filled with terrific teachers, the ambience is perfect, and it's a safe and comfortable space.

– Amy K

after class

We encourage you to try different instructors and types of classes we have to offer. Fitness is a very personal and individualized experience.

● Wipe down your equipment and return props

● Give feedback to your instructor

● Share with others off the mat


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