grace manning

500 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Licensed Massage Therapist

Teaching yoga with alignment and light-heartedness in mind, while bringing awareness to habitual movements and unnecessary tension, is my unique style.

I will be teaching at The Studio Beverly both the Guided Yoga class (for all levels of experience) as well as the Gentle Yoga class (ideal for beginners, those experiencing extreme stiffness, or post-injury).  My classes take a playful approach and challenge the body as well as the mind’s attachment to what it perceives as a necessary engagement.

jenni antonicic

500 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified 

250 HR Tantra and Ayurveda Training Certified 

Additional Advanced training in meditation, mindfulness subtle body, autonomy,  trauma & Yoga for Strength and Stability® 

Yoga Nidra, YIN, & Restorative Certified

I started with classes in my local gym, and soon noticed that a gradual increase in flexibility accompanied other positive changes in my life. 

At the Studio Beverly, I will teach a guided yoga class challenging for all levels, a gentle class for those looking for more subtlety and less intensity, and Yin yoga – a meditative modality of long-held, moderate stimulation of connective tissue. My classes are different each and every time and rooted in curiosity and kindness. My goal is to pass on the wisdom that yoga is not just something done on a mat, but a way of being in the world.

caitlin harrigan

ASFA Group Fitness Instructor Certified

NASM Nutrition Specialist

Working out and playing basketball have been essential activities all my life.

As a retired college athlete, I turned to personal training and group fitness to keep that part of my life alive. I love to bring the energy and challenge each client every chance I get! You can find me teaching strength training classes at the Studio. Be prepared to learn proper form, lift heavy weights, and gain lean muscle.

allie bowles

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Barre Fitness Instructor Certified

I am loud, goofy and love cracking jokes during class to keep my students motivated and inspired to give it their all. 

You can find me at The Studio Beverly instructing barre and yoga sculpt classes. Students can expect me to be hyper 99.9% of the time, offering fun music and actively participating in the class. We are in it together. I like to mix up the moves to keep you on your toes and to work different muscle groups!

beth walsh montgomery

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Vinyasa Flow Certified

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for the past 10 years.

It can be hard to slow down and find time to rest, meditate, and go inward to reflect on how you are feeling when life is busy. Yoga has helped me do all of these things along with getting stronger and healthier. I will be teaching a guided vinyasa class that will start with a nice, slow, gentle warm up and, in time, increase our heart rate and tone muscle. Students in my class will work on getting stronger, learning some new poses and making the mind/body connection. 

julie a. schultz

200 RYS Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Gentle Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga Certified

As a children’s yoga instructor, I will bring the unique vibe of being able to read the room and work to bring out the best in all of those attending class.

I specialize in school age children and teen classes. Along with my love of physical wellness, I believe in social- emotional wellness and balance. My classes will be geared toward a mind body connection with a theme or concept. My hope is that young children will take away the confidence of building a strong body while fueling a strong mind.

jackie braggs

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Yoga has given me the space to heal and grow, allowing me to explore life with a curious mind. 

I have been an instructor for over 10 years and will be teaching a vinyasa flow class at The Studio Beverly. My teaching blends my life experience as a dancer, consistent cueing to stay connected to the breath, and intentional sequencing to reach a peak pose. My class will give you the chance to connect with yourself and leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized. The benefits of yoga will continue to stay with you throughout your day making everyday stresses more manageable and everyday moments more gratifying.

dani smith

Yoga Sculpt Certified

I have been performing improv all over the city for the past 9 years, and I like to believe that my comedy blends into my classes. 

I will be teaching at The Studio Beverly yoga sculpt and strength classes. I will absolutely challenge you, push you to be the best version of yourself, and hopefully have you laugh a few times along the way. I am a huge believer in self-love, so I will also challenge you to work your strongest muscle, your mind, to believe you are more than enough and that you can do anything!

lizz wallace

Zumba One Certified

I love teaching and practicing Zumba because of the simple reason that every class feels like a party! 

My goal is to make you forget you’re working out and just enjoy yourself. I will be offering Zumba for all levels at The Studio Beverly. The more you attend classes, the faster you will find yourself learning the choreography and growing confident in each song. During each song, I will cue the coming move so you know what is next. Although you may not know your classmates’ names right away, you can expect to feel like friends in no time because no class meets without cheering each other on!

kaley farrell

Ace Group Fitness Certified

I will be teaching full body strength at The Studio Beverly. 

She has a focus on form, accepting where you are today and not taking yourself too seriously. Students can expect to lift heavy and with time and consistency start to see and feel their strength increasing and their body composition improving.

olivia mohseni

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Yoga Sculpt Certified

ASFA HIIT Certified

NASM Certified

When I’m not practicing yoga, I am traveling the world, spending time with family and friends. 

I love visiting different gyms and yoga studios when I travel. I’ve been to several different studios around the world including Dubai, Tokyo, Edinburgh, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. I will be teaching Heated Yoga Sculpt at The Studio Beverly. Each of my classes will have a strong focus on strength training along with yoga and some cardio sprinkled in throughout.

noel bax

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

I lived and learned yoga in Los Angeles. I try not to take myself too seriously. I’m non-traditional silly and uplifting. 

I spend way too much time putting together a playlist. I’ll be teaching vinyasa flow and yoga sculpt at The Studio Beverly. You can expect my classes to be silly, uplifting, while I keep it moving to get to the best part of class, shavasana.

barbara enright

ACE Fitness Instructor Certified

I’ve been teaching Barre, cardio, and strength classes for the past 5 years. 

I’ll be teaching strength classes at The Studio Beverly. I like to take the “Bootcamp Coach” vibe when I teach my classes. Tough but constantly reminding you that you’re there for yourself and motivating you to want to work and get the most from the class.

kellianne mcdonough

ACE Fitness Instructor Certified

I will be teaching strength classes, my favorite, at The Studio Beverly! 

I love to make each class a challenge while also curating a great playlist and having fun! Modifications are always provided to include every fitness level. My energetic classes will leave you feeling stronger, both mentally and physically!

megan shaklee

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

I’ve been teaching from my heart for 4 years. 

A heart-driven class allows students to free flow and to lead with their intuition and creativity, supported by energetic dynamic music. I will be teaching heated Vinyasa Flow at The Studio Beverly. Students hopefully leave their mats feeling more uplifted, in tune with their hearts, more connected with their mind and souls and feeling stronger in their bodies.

megan banaszak

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

My mission is to create a safe space where we can explore our inner selves and feel all the beautiful benefits of yoga together. 

I will be teaching yoga at The Studio Beverly that is grounded in the belief yoga is not just a physical exercise, but a holistic approach to well-being. I encourage my students to cultivate self-awareness, embrace their unique paths and honor themselves with compassion.

sarah regan
200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified 

Yoga Sculpt Certified 

Co-Owner of The Studio Beverly 
I have loved yoga ever since my first class at 18. 

My practice has evolved in many ways over the different seasons of life. The opportunity to co-create The Studio Beverly is a dream come true. I am hopeful that our space reflects the love Ashley and I have for this community and our commitment to providing a space for everyone to further their journey of self-love and care.  

ashley lomaglio
200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified 

Co-Owner of The Studio Beverly 
I began my yoga certification journey to deepen my personal practice.

The result is now a devout passion for all things yoga. As co-owner of The Studio Beverly, my primary responsibility will be ensuring all guests of The Studio Beverly have a positive and enlightening experience. We want to offer a safe, welcoming, and uplifting space to help students find a way back to their true self. 

Melinda Coffey
melinda coffey

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certified

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Incorporating mental health into my classes is important to me.

By sharing personal experiences and lessons, I hope to help students through the difficulty of the workout. I will be teaching group fitness classes at The Studio Beverly including: mat pilates, cardio fitness, strength, & more. Students can expect to feel reassured, invigorated, and empowered both mentally and physically when they leave my class. 

cristen r. grajeda


Personal Trainer Certified 

Integrative Wellness Practitioner

Reiki Master 

Whole-person wellness has been my personal and professional passion for almost three decades. 

I will be offering an assortment of classes at The Studio Beverly including a 30 minute full body strength class, a yoga pilates fusion, as well as a reiki restoration. Each class is an opportunity to honor oneself, grow, and feel gratitude for the amazing things you are capable of. I encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone with proper progressions and personalized feedback.

jennifer o'hara
Barre Certified

Growing up as a championship level dancer, I have developed a passion for offering classes with high energy, attention to detail, and good form and posture.

Helping each client achieve a successful workout  is most important to me. I will be teaching Barre & Cardio Barre at The Studio Beverly. Students will feel challenged and empowered after each class by pushing themselves a little bit deeper with every movement. No matter what your day was like, you will walk out of the class feeling restored and refreshed to take on your next adventure of the day.

chris joy smith
200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Yoga means unity so each class we will connect with fellow yogis. 

Chris Joy teaches guided yoga at The Studio Beverly and includes aromatherapy, hand-picked music intention setting and more. Come as you are. This hour belongs to you.

maria mcIntyre
NASM-CPT, Pregnant & Postpartum Athlete, Perinatal Wellness Specialist

My classes are designed to give students a great workout while learning something new.

It’s very much a coaching atmosphere, where each person in class can receive adjustments unique to their needs. I will be teaching Pre/Postnatal Strength, Deep Core & Pelvic Floor as well as some exciting workshops at The Studio Beverly. When students attend one of my classes they will feel strong and confident in their bodies as well as empowered for their pregnancy / postpartum fitness journeys.

gail morales
200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified
200 HR Healing Qigong
YIN Restorative, Chair, Sound Healing & Reiki Master

My spiritual journey these past five years have been focused on healing and energy work.

I am very lighthearted and love making my classes special for all those to enjoy. I will be teaching Qigong as well as other yoga and healing classes and workshops. My goal is for you to leave more relaxed, restored, and energized than when you first entered. I do this with breathwork, stretching to what feels comfortable with your body, visualization, sound, and smiles.

jennifer osman

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certified

Reiki Certified Practitioner

Sound & Vibrational Healing Certified

Jennifer is a dedicated runner and adrenaline seeker, and when she started yoga in 2008 she wasn’t expecting much. Maybe a good stretch and a little piece of mind. She left the class feeling different than she had ever felt doing any other type of exercise. She will be teaching yoga as well as some exciting workshops at The Studio Beverly. Jennifer’s wish is to pass some, any, or all of this to her students, leaving them feeling connected to their most authentic selves.

sarah cutrara

200 HR Yoga Teacher Certification 

Gentle Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga Certified

95 HR Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

Yoga Sculpt Certified

I am a believer that yoga is for every body and I am passionate about spreading its benefits to students of all ages. At the Studio Beverly, I will be teaching a variety of classes tailored to different age groups. I strive to create a lighthearted and inclusive environment where students can challenge themselves while feeling balanced in both mind and body. My goal is to empower students to carry the teachings of yoga off the mat and into their everyday lives. I believe the technique and principles learned in yoga can have a transformative impact on one’s overall well-being. 

jenna deyoung

ACE Fitness Instructor Certification

I meet individuals where they are at in their fitness journey and challenge them to reach their highest potential.

I will be teaching strength classes at The Studio Beverly. I will always greet you with a smile and when students leave my class they can expect to leave exhausted yet encouraged to take on their day!

erin kelly

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certified

ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certified

Licensed Massage Therapist

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy Practitioner

I am joyfully devoted to helping others to feel their best and will be teaching Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga as well as Sound Healing workshops at The Studio Beverly. I love to teach simple, feel good functional movement patterns and techniques to relieve stress and tension in a gentle, light hearted manner. I want my students to feel refreshed, at ease, and smiling head to toe when they leave my class.

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