about the studio beverly

our purpose

We believe anyone can benefit from healthy living, spiritual nourishment, human connection, and a safe space to deal with the stresses of life. The Studio Beverly will strive to offer a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where students of all ages and levels of experience can find what they’re looking for each day.

owners ashley & sarah

Although Sarah and Ashley are not from Chicago, they decided it was a wonderful place to raise their families because of the close-knit supportive community. The last few years they have dedicated themselves to raising children and supporting their families’ businesses. Eventually they noticed, as one does when life gets hectic, their self-care had fallen to last on their list of priorities. They found comfort in hearing the other was having similar difficulties managing a healthy life balance. They decided there might be others who feel the same, and they made it their mission to provide a space of convenience with a variety of classes and quality instructors worthy of people’s precious time.


Finding the time to do something positive for yourself and staying motivated to take care of your well-being, can feel impossible some days. The Studio Beverly is excited to offer students a convenient location, parking, childcare, online booking, and a variety of class times in hopes anyone who wants to visit has a fighting chance to do so.

Always a fantastic experience for body and mind. Have done a bunch of different classes and loved them all

– Maura B

Everyone was very welcoming. The studio is bright and clean and the instructors are excellent.

– Brigid W

variety of classes

The Studio Beverly offers more than 12 types of wellness classes, from weight training to reiki meditation. The variety of classes makes it easy for students to find familiar classes while also giving them an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone. Trying something new will keep daily routines fun and students motivated long term.

quality instructors

We have found highly qualified professionals with unique and motivating teaching styles in multiple different areas of health and wellness. Each of our instructors is certified in fitness and / or yoga to ensure the safety of our students. Beyond credentials, The Studio Beverly instructors are passionate and committed to providing a class where each student’s wellness journey is supported.

Sarah and Ashley see themselves as “always students”. They are open to ideas, feedback, and trying new things. They look forward to collaborating with local businesses to build strong relationships in the community. Their promise is to always have an open mind, open heart, and open door. 
Come see us soon!

Everyone was very welcoming. The studio is bright and clean and the instructors are excellent.

– Brigid W

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