types of classes & benefits

gentle yoga

Slow well-rounded practice with less intense poses ideal for beginners, expecting & postpartum mothers, those recovering from an injury, or those with a limited range of motion. Gentle yoga classes will help reduce stress by calming the mind and body, increase flexibility, and restore balance. All levels welcome.

guided yoga

Supported sequence of poses fully guided by the instructor with modifications offered to match each student’s level of experience from beginner to advanced. Guided yoga classes offer students the ability to challenge themselves in a supportive atmosphere.

Everyone is so friendly and as someone who isn't very experienced in yoga I was worried I wouldn't fit in, but I always feel super encouraged and confident during class. There's also a wide variety in types of classes and workshops. The space is also so beautiful and exactly what the neighborhood needs!

— Kimberly

vinyasa flow​

Series of fluid energetic movements linked to your breath at a quicker pace helps to increase your heart rate while building strength and flexibility. Some are offered in a heated room to support a full-body detox. Modifications are offered to accommodate all levels of experience.

yoga sculpt​

Power yoga combined with strength training and cardio in a high intensity full body workout. Yoga sculpt is always offered in a heated room to maximize calorie burn.


Slow-paced style of yoga where the posture is held for an extended time to target and stretch deep connective tissue and increase range of motion. This class is ideal for anyone looking to boost circulation, improve sleep, and increase relaxation. No experience required.

slow flow yoga

This guided slow-flow yoga class is relaxing & healing. The pace is meditative taking several breaths in each pose thus emphasizing peace and calm in body, mind, and spirit.

full body strength​

Focuses on toning and building muscle, while increasing your metabolism to continue burning fat post workout. Strength classes are led by certified fitness instructors who guarantee a challenging and whole body workout incorporating a variety of weights, bands, and other props to support students training at all levels.

senior strength

A low-impact, full-body workout for adults looking to increase functional strength, mobility, maintain muscle mass & preserve bone density. Modifications offered to meet each student where they are. All levels welcome. Chairs are available for those who prefer to sit during the class.


A dance and cardio workout featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance that tones muscles, boosts your heart rate, and makes you smile. Guided and broken down move by move so the dance is easy to follow and suitable for any level of experience.

I like the wide variety of classes offered and the range of times throughout the week! And the classes are fun and effective!

barre with muscle toning

A full-body workout inspired by elements of yoga, ballet & pilates. High rep, low impact movements while balancing at a ballet bar to build strength and tone muscle. Some mat work as well with optional small weights for toning core and arm strength. No experience required.

mat pilates

Full-body workout strengthening and lengthening muscles. Focuses on your core muscles while also training your arms and legs by using a series of small and controlled movements. Students have the option to use weights, bands, or body weight for each pose. No experience required.

tone & sculpt

This total body, low impact, strength training workout uses body weight and a variety of equipment, such as light dumbbells & resistance bands, to build a strong foundation, tone and sculpt muscle.

booty burn

Condensed 35 minute lower body workout focusing on strengthening, toning, and lifting your glutes, lower back, and leg muscles.

I enjoyed my class and look forward to the next session. The instructor is knowledgeable and listened as I told her of a physical challenge.

– Cheryl W

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